What We Do…

Park Avenue offers full-service design and construction capability. All at our Queens location. We provide the highest quality materials and best design plans to customize your cab to your requirements. Our meticulous attention to detail and safety is unparalleled. We take your vision to the next level of craftsmanship and function with our inspired blend of technical craftsmanship.

  • Design – Cab Solutions provides complete elevator remodeling solutions to property owners and elevator companies nationwide.

  • Products & Services – With our pre-packaged and custom-design wall panels, ceilings, lighting, floors, door re-skinning and cladding we can create anything from the simple utility cabs to elegantly designed solutions to compliment your interior design

  • Installation – We remodel with minimal downtime and manage the entire project to meet your requirements.

  • Pricing – We offer price-competitive solutions for all types of installations and materials.

  • Estimates – If you are a property owner, manager or elevator company we’d like the opportunity to bid on your projects whether you are ready today or are planning for the future.

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