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Park Avenue Elevators provides you access to our urban world which keeps getting taller and taller, let us help you reach those new heights safely, comfortably and efficiently without neglecting style.

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Here at Park Avenue Elevator Cab Design we pride ourselves on our service, speed, and customer focus. We strive every day to make each and every elevator cab we build perfect for our clients. You place a great deal of trust in us and we respect that trust. All of our cabs receive the finest craftsmanship we can deliver. All of our customers receive the very best treatment. That is our goal, that is our promise.

We know you’ll like the results.
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NEW! Touchless Link Elevator Panel – 100% Made In America!

It’s time to adapt. Nouveau National has developed Touchless Link technology to keep your vertical transportation spaces safe from potential COVID contact – no need to touch buttons, use button covers, sanitizers or gloves.

Our Touchless Link solution uses air touch technology patented by NOUVEAU NATIONAL along with voice acknowledgment. Our technology offers a reactive LED backlighting to intuitively function for your visitors. Touchless Link LED Screens can be mounted adjacent to current solutions in the Cab and Hall – Or you can choose a Custom Touchless Link solution set for your Car Operating Panel, Kiosk and Hall station.

All existing fixtures and buttons can remain, and there’s no additional code requirements. The seamless safety solution – Nouveau tested, installed and serviced Touchless Link by Nouveau. All parts are Made In America!

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